In Outdoor Advertising, Times Square

To help celebrate the Year of Tomb Raider and 20 years of the video game series we helped design a 64″ tall 3D billboard with a 2,000 pound Jeep Wrangler Sport at the intersection of 52nd and Broadway, at the north end of Times Square.

We worked with Wilkins Media (LA) and Liquid Advertising to design the structure which invisibly supports an actual Jeep, bringing to reality the creative director’s idea to make it look like the Jeep is being winched up an ice mountain. We designed the existing billboard structures in 1999 and are familiar with the challenges of heavy 3D billboards.

The Jeep support structure was expertly fabricated and built into the underside of the Jeep by Atomic Props in their shop in Minneapolis. Here in NYC, Clear Channel Outdoor’s talented signhangers installed some backup structure behind the face of the billboard, then lifted up the Jeep and bolted it in place.

Thanks to John Carmona, PE, for taking the photos as he performed the structural inspection and sign-off.

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