To be the best at what we do, R. Scott Lewis keeps an eye on what’s ahead. We’re constantly learning about new materials, applications, and technology. We stay up-to-date with changes in building codes and regulations. We know how to design structures to support the latest LED displays. If your sign presents a new kind of structural challenge, it’s likely we know about advanced fabrication techniques and materials that can help you solve it. Changing times bring new opportunities for creating signs that deliver maximum impact. We help our clients be ready.

Sign Consulting

We are a trusted consulting resource. From sign location, to size, height, design, and contractor connections, we can help you understand what’s involved in making your new sign add maximum value. We can also advise you on how to best reburbish an existing sign. If you have a sign issue, our experience can help.

LED Conversions

We help breath new life into old signs. Refurbishing existing structures allows our clients the option of frequent and cost-effective content changes. LED does come with weight challenges. Signs in best locations are typically the best candidates for conversion, but tend to be old or out of date with building codes. Our knowledge can find the quickest and most cost effective paths to conversion.



Our in-depth knowledge of zoning provisions is the first step in deciding if a project is viable. We analyze the location desired sign features and provide sketches and documentation with our recommendations.



We bring a thorough understanding of shop practice and efficient assembly techniques to every project. We work closely with sign fabricators to streamline the erecting process. The result is a structural design you can count on.

We take the challenge of turning our clients’ designs into reality.

  • Analyze zoning provisions to determine project viability
  • Develop project drawings for construction bidding process
  • Respond to bidder company questions
  • Review fabricator shop drawings


Ensuring a project’s success means R. Scott Lewis engineers spend a lot of time on site. You’ll find us jumping into footing excavations, climbing poles, riding in buckets, and hanging from scaffolds. We make sure site crews adhere to exact drawing specs and we inspect signs to assess structural integrity and OSHA safety compliance.

We routinely work in the field to provide in-depth assessments of proposed changes to existing structures as well as remediate Department of Building-required structural assessments, and OSHA safety violations. We take facade measurements, understand property owner restrictions, review building drawings in order to prepare new drawings outlining necessary structural modifications.

  • Department of Building-required structural assessment
  • Conversion of static to digital
  • Safety upgrades/OSHA conformance


Once a project enters the construction phase, our firm continues our commitment to client satisfaction by remaining involved through the process and available as a resource to both our clients and their construction partners and inspectors.

  • Inspection Collaboration
  • Resolve field construction questions
  • As-built Instructions with the Inspection Agency
  • Quality Assurance

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