The Company

R. Scott Lewis PE, PC specializes in sign structural engineering. Since founding the company in 1991, we have made sign structures our only priority. It’s what we do.

When you focus on one thing for over thirty years, you get good at it. Our team of engineers and associates are experts in the fields of structural analysis and design. Our portfolio includes work nationwide and showcases signs of all types.

Clients also gain the benefit of our network of highly-qualified consultants. These consultants are on call for anything from structural steel detailing to soil test borings, metallurgy and fracture mechanics, geotechnical engineering, OSHA safety compliance, expediting, surveying, shop drawings and more.

Whether in the office or in the field, the team behind your sign structure is as solid as the high quality designs we proudly deliver.


R. Scott Lewis


R. Scott Lewis has been a licensed structural engineer for over 40 years. In the early 90’s, Scott seized the opportunity to work with one of the most well-respected structural engineers in the area, Eugene Avallone. Avallone was known as the leading sign engineer in Times Square during its two decade meteoric expansion in the 70’s and 80’s. Working with Avallone, Scott immersed himself in the design of efficient and durable structures for signage and outdoor advertising. One year later, he took over the business for the retiring Avallone, founding R. Scott Lewis PE, PC in 1991.

Scott graduated cum laude from Yale University with an undergraduate degree in engineering mechanics. He earned his MS degree in civil engineering from MIT and, most recently, his MBA from New York University. He is licensed as a professional engineer in NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA and DC, has been part of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, and has been a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers since 1975.

Sharon Yao


With more than 25 years experience, Sharon excels at putting the client’s vision into actionable drawings. Joining the firm in 1998, she performs all the necessary engineering calculations for variety of sign structures. Sharon’s expertise is creating 3-D structural models of projects and analyzing them, developing connection details, and producing drawings for various sign structures. Previously, Sharon taught theoretical mechanics at the Institute of Architecture and Engineering in China.


John Swaby


Originally from Jamaica, John joined R. Scott Lewis PE, PC in 2007, but has been working in the industry since the late 80’s. John leverages his years of experience to prepare and design plans and drawings for our clients. In addition to a deep knowledge of the sign industry and a fluency of zoning regulations and restrictions, John holds certifications in Construction Project Management, Construction Technology, and OSHA.

Renee Rajappa


Renee is a structural engineer with over 20 years of experience in diagnostics services including failure analysis, structural assessment/strengthening, and building enclosures. Licensed in New York and Nevada, she is experienced in the design and detailing of concrete and steel buildings. Renee holds a Masters of Science degree from West Virginia University in Structural Engineering. At R. Scott Lewis PE, PC she focuses on the analysis and design of sign structures supported on steel, concrete, and wood buildings.

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