For over 100 years, Times Square has been the world’s sign mecca. It is a place where visual delights push structural innovation. And R. Scott Lewis PE, PC continues to meet the challenge. We’ve designed over 80% of the sign structures in Times Square, the industry’s most renowned location.

We’ve engineered every sign structure at 1 Times Square, including the support of the new, larger year-round New Year’s Eve ball sitting 500′ above the square. In total, our portfolio includes over 200,000 square feet of signage in this high-impact, global gallery.

We’re proud to support complex LED video screens that break new ground in terms of size and height. Our revolutionary structures hold up curvilinear displays and even 3D sculptures involving multiple LED panels. We’re also behind nearly all of the non-LED and mechanical animation signs that tower above the crowds. In fact, most of the signs in Times Square are supported by structures we’ve designed. Contact us to see how we can work together to create a solution for your needs.


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