Commercial signs

Commercial Success

Putting your message at just the right height and orientation translates into productive, revenue generating billboards that are great for business. At R. Scott Lewis PE, PC, we are used to addressing difficult engineering challenges to get your sign exactly where it needs to be.

Times Square signs

High-Impact Times

For over 100 years, Times Square has been the world’s sign mecca. It is a place where visual delights push structural innovation. And R. Scott Lewis PE, PC continues to meet the challenge. We’ve designed over 80% of the sign structures in Times Square, the industry’s most renowned location.

Outdoor Advertising

The Great Outdoors

We’ve engineered street-level signs, 20′ letters at the top of buildings 800′ high, and most everything in between for twenty five years. We’re known for workable designs that streamline fabrication, installation and maintenance. Our work is on display from Boston to Miami, D.C. to Denver.

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