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After five months of construction, Morgan Stanley’s global HQ at 1585 Broadway in Times Square has a new impressive series of Daktronics LED displays.

With six million LED pixels, 281 trillion colors, and covering a total of 12,866 sq ft., the multi-media experience consists of seven screens:

  • There are two cylindrical signs, designated AB and CD in the drawing.  They’re the same dimensions.
  • There are two rectangular signs, E and K, which are same dimensions, 1945 sq ft.
  • There are three “zipper” signs, G1, G2 and G3. The bottom two, G2 and G3, have the same dimensions covering 2075 sq ft. The upper zipper, G1, is not as high as the two lower zippers and has an area of 1468 sq ft.

All at high resolutions, the two bottom barrels are 10MM and the rest are 16MM color LED screens that brightly display high quality images to Times Square visitors. Bloomberg estimated more than 167,900,000 people are expected to see the billboard yearly.

Video courtesy of Morgan Stanley.

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